Defending Clients In Healthcare Fraud Cases

Healthcare is one of the most highly regulated industries in the United States. It is a billion-dollar industry with a laundry list of laws and regulations for healthcare providers that are sometimes in conflict with each other. A short list includes HIPAA, PSQIA, the HITECH Act, Stark Laws, and EMTALA. This complex set of rules and guidelines makes it difficult for even the most vigilant healthcare professionals to remain compliant with all regulations. Add to that an environment where medical insurance companies are constantly on the lookout for fraudulent claims to help preserve their profits and healthcare providers can find themselves in a very difficult position.

Confront Healthcare Fraud Charges With An Experienced Defense Lawyer

Tama Beth Kudman, P.A., is a Florida criminal defense law firm located in Palm Beach County. Attorney Tama Kudman has spent more than 25 years practicing complex criminal defense, including health care fraud charges. She is an aggressive litigator who stands by her clients to make sure their rights are not abused and that they get the best possible defense. Because patients and medical professionals charged with health care fraud can face prison time and heavy fines if convicted, it is important to contact an attorney like Tama Beth Kudman as soon as possible after you are charged.

What Is Criminal Health Care Fraud?

There are several forms of health care fraud, perpetrated by both patients and health care professionals. The following are a few examples:

  • Fraudulently obtaining prescription medication for abuse or sale
  • Billing an insurance company for unnecessary or undone procedures
  • Using another person’s insurance card to obtain medical care
  • Offering or accepting kickbacks for referrals

Facing health care fraud charges in federal court can be daunting. To empower her clients, attorney Tama Beth Kudman explains the charges and lays out their options. Then she dedicates herself to finding a way to clear her client’s name and avoid prison if possible. She has successfully handled numerous cases involving health care fraud charges and knows how to interpret the evidence. Ms. Kudman evens the playing field against the power of the prosecutor’s office.

Speak With An Experienced Defense Attorney About Health Care Fraud

Contact our West Palm Beach office right away if you are under investigation for alleged health care fraud, or if you have already been arrested. Schedule a consultation with our attorney by calling 561-472-0811.

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