Aggressive Defense Against Felony Charges

A conviction of a felony crime can result in a lengthy prison sentence and a lifelong felony record, restricting an individual’s ability to work or apply for credit. The stigma related to a felony conviction also affects the ability to obtain employment, friendships and family relationships. For prominent business people, like physicians and entertainers, the damage to public reputation may be permanent and irreparable. Professionals may also lose their licensure. A felony conviction can result in life-long consequences affecting employment opportunities and your ability to get housing and own firearms. Attorney Tama Beth Kudman has extensive experience defending against all categories of felonies.

Violent Crimes:

Defense Against Violent Crime Charges

Tama Beth Kudman has extensive experience defending individuals under investigation and/or prosecution for violent crimes in both state and federal courts. When you are accused of committing a violent crime such as battery, assault or domestic violence, there is a lot at stake. The sentences following a conviction are severe, threatening your freedom and reputation. It is essential that you hire experienced and knowledgeable defense counsel.

Drug Offenses:

Criminal Defense Service For State And Federal Drug Crimes

If you or a loved one has been accused of committing a drug crime, it should be taken very seriously. Today, more than half of prisoners serving sentences of more than a year in federal facilities were convicted of drug offenses. Prosecutors are very aggressive in pushing for maximum penalties, so it is therefore extremely important that you hire an attorney with extensive experience in defending drug cases.

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