Criminal Defense For Individuals and Businesses Charged With Fraud

A fraud conviction may result in excessive fines and years behind bars. Sometimes, just the accusation of fraud can do permanent damage to your reputation and have a big negative impact on your career or the success of your company. Attorney Kudman has been providing high-level service and successfully defending clients in fraud cases since 1996. She is known for her extensive, thorough investigations and her skill at requesting relief from the court with creative motion filings. With offices in West Palm Beach, Florida, New York City and New Jersey, she regularly defends business owners, employees and executives against fraud and other criminal charges in both state and federal courts.

Why Businesses And Its Employees Might Be Accused Of Fraud

Corporate fraud is a broad term for any type of illegal or unethical action, typically for financial gain. These types of fraud cases are known for their complexity and often go undetected for years. Examples include:

  • Bait-and-switch schemes
  • Failure to deliver promised goods or services after receiving payment
  • Ordering goods or services from a vendor but not paying for them
  • Selling defective or counterfeit merchandise
  • Posing as a charity and accepting donations

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