Sentencing reform stepped forward and back in 2019

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Almost everyone has heard statistics on the crisis. According to the American Bar Association, almost one in four people behind bars on Earth are in American prisons. The United States imprisons one in three of all the imprisoned women in the world. Despite modest changes in late 2018, calls continue year after year for reforms… Read more »

Happy New Year 2013

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Wishing you Health, Happiness and Prosperity Tama Beth Kudman 809 North Dixie HighwaySecond Floor West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Tel: (561) 472-0811 Fax: (561) 828-0210

Doing business today!

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Doing business today is fraught with legal complexities involving everything from the tax code to issues dealing with intellectual property. From the CEO, to every manager with decision making duties, business executives are paying closer and closer attention to regulatory and legal fine print these days, since the risk of inadvertent violation could be the… Read more »

Gaining employment after a crime/criminal record

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Gaining employment after a crime/criminal record by Criminal Law Contributor. According to the following information from ESR news, “Employers are more and more aware of the importance of knowing if an applicant has a criminal record. Employers also have a legal duty to make reasonable inquiries about who they hire. They need to provide a safe… Read more »

Don’t Let a Car Accident Become a Felony

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If you have been involved in an accident, regardless of who was at fault, it is important to always stay at the scene until the authorities arrive to investigate. In fact, if you do leave the scene of an accident, you may face a variety of criminal charges. See the article here: Don’t Let a… Read more »

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