Planning a defense strategy when charged with drug crimes

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Florida has been a battleground in law enforcement efforts against illegal drugs for decades. While some states in America are pursuing legislation that will lessen the impact of an arrest for simple possession of marijuana, Florida’s laws still criminalize many aspects of possession and, of course, distribution and manufacturing illegal drugs. Whether it is a… Read more »

The different types of drug charges

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Drug charges can carry significant penalties and consequences for accused individuals. Anyone facing drug charges can expect to worry about the serious penalties and consequences of drug charges and, as a result, should be familiar with their criminal defense options. Drug charges can stem from drug possession accusations, including possessing an illicit controlled substance such… Read more »

The right drug possession defense is critical

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If you’re charged with possession of drugs, it’s a must to understand the seriousness of the crime and the steps you can take to minimize its impact on your life. This starts with devising a drug possession defense strategy that positions you to avoid a conviction. The strategy you employ is heavily dependent on the… Read more »

Police try no-judgment outreach to save drug users’ lives

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Police departments in many communities across the country are trying out new methods of slowing the steady rise in opioid addiction and overdoses. They require the police to rethink what law enforcement could bring to the problem using innovative approaches to its role in the community and its interactions with people who are at the… Read more »

Are pharmacists responsible for fake prescriptions?

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One way that people illegally obtain prescription drugs is by getting fake prescriptions — perhaps from doctors who are in on it or from other sources — which they can then present at the pharmacy. The pharmacist fills the prescription and gives the medication to the person in question, who then uses it, sells it… Read more »

Nationwide, marijuana still accounts for 4 in 10 drug arrests

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Here in Florida, you need a medical marijuana card to legally buy marijuana, but medi-pot is legal. Also, some localities have decriminalized the drug. This is, as you undoubtedly know, part of a national trend. Ten states have fully legalized marijuana for adult use, and more than 20 others have broadly legalized medical marijuana. Although… Read more »

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