Former Miami Dolphins involved in healthcare fraud scheme

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According to the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA), the United States loses approximately $68 billion every year due to healthcare fraud. One of the most common forms of healthcare fraud involves billing for services or procedures that were not actually performed. Former NFL players and athletic trainer facing felony charges Eight former NFL players… Read more »

Florida officials indicted on fraud charges

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A federal grand jury has indicted the mayor and attorney of a Florida city on multiple counts of wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, honest services fraud and stealing from a federal program. The Lynn Haven mayor also faces a charge of lying to FBI agents. The Lynn Haven city attorney faces an additional… Read more »

What are the different types of white collar crime?

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For anyone worried about, or facing, white collar criminal charges, accusations and allegations, it is helpful to be familiar with what is considered white collar crime. White collar crimes are generally fraud crimes and can result in significant penalties and consequences for accused individuals. Securities fraud Securities fraud is one of the primary types of… Read more »

Robert Kraft wins privacy rights for all Americans

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Celebrities and those with means often face increased scrutiny and elevated charges when they run afoul of the law. But, New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft’s defeat of Florida charges show that sometimes, defeating this overreach can benefit all Americans. The Verdict Recently, our state’s Fourth District Court of Appeal ruled that the state’s prosecutors… Read more »

Planning a defense strategy when charged with drug crimes

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Florida has been a battleground in law enforcement efforts against illegal drugs for decades. While some states in America are pursuing legislation that will lessen the impact of an arrest for simple possession of marijuana, Florida’s laws still criminalize many aspects of possession and, of course, distribution and manufacturing illegal drugs. Whether it is a… Read more »

Some face fraud charges over Paycheck Protection Program

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The Payment Protection Program came into existence last March as part of the federal government’s relief efforts for the ongoing health crisis in the United States and the rest of the world. The Program, which is funded through taxpayer dollars, provides loans on very favorable terms to owners of qualified small business which might be… Read more »

Telemarketing could trigger Florida fraud complaints

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Florida is a popular place to do business, which is why many entrepreneurs make the Sunshine State their home. Among the many entrepreneurs located here are those who engage in lawful telemarketing sales. Telemarketing is a common way to directly connect with potential customers, but you need to do it correctly to prevent possible criminal… Read more »

The different types of drug charges

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Drug charges can carry significant penalties and consequences for accused individuals. Anyone facing drug charges can expect to worry about the serious penalties and consequences of drug charges and, as a result, should be familiar with their criminal defense options. Drug charges can stem from drug possession accusations, including possessing an illicit controlled substance such… Read more »

Defending against mortgage fraud charges in Florida

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Federal authorities are cracking down on financial institution fraud (FIF), including mortgage fraud, more than ever before. Mortgage fraud generally refers to making misrepresentations or omitting material information to influence a lender’s decision. The FBI refers to fraud for profit and fraud for housing as the two main types of mortgage fraud. Fraud for profit… Read more »

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