August 21, 2020

Planning a defense strategy when charged with drug crimes

Florida has been a battleground in law enforcement efforts against illegal drugs for decades. While some states in America are pursuing legislation that will lessen the impact of an arrest for simple possession of marijuana, Florida’s laws still criminalize many aspects of possession and, of course, distribution and manufacturing illegal drugs. Whether it is a state law violation or a federal one, anyone in Florida who has been charged with a drug crime is facing a very serious situation.

Defense options for drug crimes

When Florida residents are facing drug crimes, they need to consider their potential defense strategies as soon as possible. For example, in some cases, the circumstances of the encounter between the suspect and law enforcement can be scrutinized. Was it lawful? Was an illegal search involved? Was a warrant defective? These questions, among many others, need to be part of the starting point for a defense strategy.

But, there are other possible options as well, including pushing the case all the way to a trial. After all, the prosecution has a very high burden to meet – proving the case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Perhaps the evidence that was gathered is tainted or not all that convincing. Or, since eyewitness accounts are notoriously scatter-shot, perhaps effective cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses will raise a “doubt” in the minds of the jury members. Trial strategies are endless, but effective ones can usually be identified in any given case.

At our law firm, we understand that defendants only care about their case and their results. We work hard to give our clients the information they need to help craft a strong criminal defense strategy. For more information about how we attempt to help Florida residents who find themselves in these types of situations, please visit the drug crime defense overview section of our law firm’s website.

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