Defending against mortgage fraud charges in Florida

Posted by & filed under White-collar crime.

Federal authorities are cracking down on financial institution fraud (FIF), including mortgage fraud, more than ever before. Mortgage fraud generally refers to making misrepresentations or omitting material information to influence a lender’s decision. The FBI refers to fraud for profit and fraud for housing as the two main types of mortgage fraud. Fraud for profit… Read more »

Collateral consequences can outlast sentences

Posted by & filed under Criminal justice.

A person with a criminal history often finds that it impacts many areas of their life even after they’ve successfully completed their court-imposed sentences. These collateral consequences are sometimes more difficult to deal with than the original sentence. One collateral consequence that a previously incarcerated person might face is having to reintegrate in to society…. Read more »

New suspect found in Madeleine McCann case

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The world has followed the case of Madeleine McCann. Some people believe that her parents sold her. Others think that she wandered off in the night. Whatever your views are, you may be interested in knowing that a German man has now been accused of being involved in her disappearance in 2007. The man is… Read more »

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