Lori Loughlin’s motion to dismiss is denied

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Florida residents will have likely read or seen recent media reports about a college admission scandal that involves some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Many of the celebrities accused of paying a college counselor tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure places at prestigious universities for their children have chosen to avoid protracted trials… Read more »

Could your business wind up accused of money laundering?

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There are so many ways for businesses to potentially violate the law that it can sometimes seem impossible to keep track of them all. From environmental regulations to laws about employee rights, companies have to protect themselves from financial losses or legal problems through compliance with existing statutes. At the same time, businesses often need… Read more »

Understanding illegal insider trading

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If you’re a corporate insider like a director or anyone who may be privy to private information like the exchange of shares in your company’s stock, it’s vital you understand what is and isn’t considered illegal insider trading. It’s also important to know how the government looks for market violations and the consequences of being… Read more »

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