‘Upcoding’ and other forms of health care fraud

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If you are a patient or medical professional accused of committing criminal health care fraud, you could face prison time or be subject to weighty fines if convicted. In addition to that, there could be further collateral damage to your career, reputation, and professional standing. Insurance companies are eager to minimize their payouts to patients… Read more »

What do you do if the FBI wants to talk?

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The last thing you expected when you got up this morning was to find agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at your doorstep — but there they are. Now, they’d like to come inside and talk with you about something. It’s downright scary, and the agents certainly make you feel intimidated. How do… Read more »

Embezzlement: Don’t convert what isn’t yours

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Embezzlement is a serious criminal act that can get you into deep trouble with the law. You could face serious fines or imprisonment if you’re charged and convicted. Embezzlement occurs when: You take possession of a person’s property lawfully You take that property to use it yourself You have no intention of giving back the… Read more »

What does the decline of white collar prosecutions mean?

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According to a recently released study from Syracuse University, the number of white collar cases being prosecuted by federal authorities has been on a decline. The report indicates that the current number of prosecutions is about 25% less than the number seen just five years earlier. In fact, white collar prosecutions are now at a… Read more »

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