February 11, 2020

Accused of health care fraud? Get the right attorney

Allegations centered on medicare or health care fraud can be detrimental to a medical provider’s business and personal life. Without a proper defense, Florida health care businesses like yours have a high risk of failure, even if a court finds you innocent of the charges. You need immediate access to a defense attorney willing to fight for you from start to finish.

Not just any criminal defense lawyer will do when it comes to defending yourself against health care fraud charges. The partnership between an attorney and a defendant depends upon several key factors such as:

  • The ease of communication between lawyer and defendant
  • A mutual trust built upon a foundation of honesty
  • A shared set of goals and expectations between both parties
  • A mutual willingness to explore all defense options

During our years of successful Medicare or health care fraud defense, we have seen how important it is for a lawyer and a defendant to be on the same page. While it is possible to experience a good rapport with the first defense attorney you find, it is still wise to look for certain specific qualities if you are facing health care fraud accusations. These qualities include the following:

  • Total honesty when discussing the details of your case and your defense
  • The ability to launch and complete a thorough investigation
  • Experience successfully defending those accused of fraud
  • A willingness to answer all of a client’s questions
  • The ability to be actively involved in the defendant’s defense

We urge you to conduct careful research when choosing a health care fraud defense attorney. Performing your due diligence early on can save you from the need to start all over again if you and your lawyer don’t see eye-to-eye about your defense strategy. We also invite you to continue exploring our website for more information about building a successful health care fraud defense.

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