Could sentencing reform be coming to Florida?

Posted by & filed under White-collar crime.

There’s no question about it: There are too many people in prison. The criminal justice system in most jurisdictions is bursting at the seams because there are so many defendants either serving time or waiting for trial, and it’s getting worse all the time. Well, some Florida senators hope to change that through new measures… Read more »

Police try no-judgment outreach to save drug users’ lives

Posted by & filed under Drug Crimes.

Police departments in many communities across the country are trying out new methods of slowing the steady rise in opioid addiction and overdoses. They require the police to rethink what law enforcement could bring to the problem using innovative approaches to its role in the community and its interactions with people who are at the… Read more »

Federal mandatory minimum sentences vary greatly

Posted by & filed under Criminal justice.

A person who is facing certain federal criminal charges might be looking at a mandatory minimum sentence. While the terminology would imply that there is nothing you can do to get the sentence reduced, there is sometimes the possibility of relief from the mandatory minimum. Understanding some basic points about how this relief works might… Read more »

Are pharmacists responsible for fake prescriptions?

Posted by & filed under Drug Crimes.

One way that people illegally obtain prescription drugs is by getting fake prescriptions — perhaps from doctors who are in on it or from other sources — which they can then present at the pharmacy. The pharmacist fills the prescription and gives the medication to the person in question, who then uses it, sells it… Read more »

Do you have fewer rights when questioned by the FBI, not police?

Posted by & filed under Criminal justice.

When it comes to law enforcement, federal agents can be very intimidating. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a federal agency whose primary focus is to gather intelligence, specifically in situations that may involve federal criminal offenses or threats to national security. There are FBI facilities in many major cities, and agents will investigate… Read more »

Weapon focus: One reason eyewitnesses get it wrong

Posted by & filed under Criminal justice.

Eyewitnesses are unreliable with a frightening degree of regularity. They often make mistakes in their testimonies or claim to have seen things that it is later proven they never could have seen. We know more now than ever before about how often they’re wrong since we have DNA evidence. It has overturned hundreds of convictions,… Read more »

Accused of health care fraud? Get the right attorney

Posted by & filed under Health Care Fraud.

Allegations centered on medicare or health care fraud can be detrimental to a medical provider’s business and personal life. Without a proper defense, Florida health care businesses like yours have a high risk of failure, even if a court finds you innocent of the charges. You need immediate access to a defense attorney willing to… Read more »

Collateral consequences can outlast sentences

Posted by & filed under Criminal justice.

A person with a criminal history often finds that it impacts many areas of their life even after they’ve successfully completed their court-imposed sentences. These collateral consequences are sometimes more difficult to deal with than what the judge required them to do. One collateral consequence that a previously incarcerated person might face is having to… Read more »

Accused of tax fraud? Get help early

Posted by & filed under White-collar crime.

The beginning of the year means that people across the country are getting ready to file their income taxes. Most people understand how important it is to ensure that everything is reported correctly. Some people, however, take chances they shouldn’t, either because they’re unprepared for a large tax bill or out of a desire to… Read more »

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