Sentencing reform stepped forward and back in 2019

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Almost everyone has heard statistics on the crisis. According to the American Bar Association, almost one in four people behind bars on Earth are in American prisons. The United States imprisons one in three of all the imprisoned women in the world. Despite modest changes in late 2018, calls continue year after year for reforms… Read more »

Nationwide, marijuana still accounts for 4 in 10 drug arrests

Posted by & filed under Drug Crimes.

Here in Florida, you need a medical marijuana card to legally buy marijuana, but medi-pot is legal. Also, some localities have decriminalized the drug. This is, as you undoubtedly know, part of a national trend. Ten states have fully legalized marijuana for adult use, and more than 20 others have broadly legalized medical marijuana. Although… Read more »

Accounting fraud, insider trading focuses in 2020 prosecutions

Posted by & filed under White-collar crime.

Although it’s relatively uncommon for federal prosecutors to bring accounting fraud prosecutions, this area is one with new activity, according to a New York Times review of recent white-collar crime prosecutions. This type of fraud, along with insider trading, could be a major focus of the Justice Department in the upcoming year. Federal prosecutors brought… Read more »

DOJ recovers $2.6B in 2019 health care fraud judgments

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The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) says it recovered $3 billion in fraud settlements and judgments in 2019 and $2.6 billion of that amount involved health care fraud cases. The lawsuits involved drug manufacturers, hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, laboratories and makers of medical devices and involved claims of bribery, illegal pricing and price-fixing. Opioid makers are… Read more »

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