Disaster Fraud Task Force Report Released

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Today, the Department of Justice released the Fiscal Year 2011 Report of the Disaster Fraud Task Force.  The task force, originally created as the Hurricane Katrina Fraud Task Force in September 2005, operates to deter, detect and prosecute individuals who attempt to take advantage of natural and man-made disasters by committing frauds and related crimes,… Read more »

What Not to Do to Antagonize a Judge and Jury

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Naturally, you stay away from things and activities that could get you in jail. But if worse comes to worst and you do something bad, you may just be required to pay the necessary fines or complete a community service stint. That’s if you’re a really lucky person. See the original post: What Not to… Read more »

Shoplifting – Having Sticky Fingers Could Land You in Jail

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Most businesses allot a certain amount of their budget on asset protection. This pertains to measures taken in order to prevent losses. In other words, it’s all about beefing up security to protect assets, such as goods or products, which a company is selling. Continued here: Shoplifting – Having Sticky Fingers Could Land You in… Read more »

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